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Monthly golfers within in our premium publishing network

Mediadrive focuses on reaching the active golfer

Mediadrive’s core market is golf. We help brands to promote their products and services to the right golfers at the right time, with the most relevant creative delivered in the best suited environment.


Our route to this passionate and valuable audience includes our Owned and Operated golf publisher portfolio, which consists of some the UK’s largest golf websites; and our Programmatic buying service, which enables our advertisers to reach golfers outside of core golf media using cookie data from opted-in users of golf websites. Combined, these advertising platforms provide access to over 5 million golfers across Europe.

We work with direct clients and media agencies and deliver campaigns directly or via programmatic platforms. Our service can also include building ad creative, meaning we can offer a one-stop-shop for marketers looking for an end-to-end digital advertising solution.

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Known golfers, accessible via audience extension

Audience Extension

With over 4 million active golfers in the UK and over 10 million across Europe not all golfers look or act the same. We aim to connect the advertiser with the golfer’s in their target group based on online behaviour, enabling us to minimise wastage and increase exposure to the specific users within the golf niche.


The explosion of programmatic advertising in the past 5 years has made audiences and websites infinitely more accessible to advertisers. Using our Demand Side Platform, Mediadrive is able to access golfers, identifiable by cookies, across 1,000’s of websites that are interlinked through global advertising exchanges. This means our advertisers are able to reach golfer’s on non-golf related websites and use contextual relevance to deliver targeted creative messaging.

Our services include:

  • Audience Re-Targeting (finding golfers via cookies dropped from golf websites)

  • Golf whitelist (using our vetted list of global golf websites to deliver campaigns via our DSP)

  • 1st Party Re-Targeting (re-targeting users from a clients website)

  • Golf sections and keywords (using URL and keywords to reach golfers within golf related content on non-core websites)

  • Native re-targeting (delivering native content on non-core golf websites)

  • Video Advertising (Reaching golf audiences with pre-roll and in-stream video advertising in non-golf content)

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