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Ad-Operations has become an increasingly complex business.
The Ad-Operations requirements for any small to medium publisher is an integral part of website monetisation and investment in expertise in this area is often overlooked and under valued. 

Mediadrive outsourced ad-ops is tailored a bespoke service which can include the following tailored services:  

• Ad trafficking and reporting

• Website monetisation audit 

• Programmatic set-up 

• Header-bidding implementation

• Campaign problem solving

• Implementation of header bidding, CMP viewable ad formats 

• Rich-media and creative development


Set-up, management & optimisation

The value of an audience in premium digital publishing goes far beyond the basic value of serving an ad on a website. Audience data is often a digital publisher’s greatest asset, yet it is rarely utilised for the true value. This is especially true for niche vertical publishers, who’s onsite inventory is often limited, meaning earning potential is restricted by page views and volume of users.

Mediadrive offers publishers a method of audience extension, enabling their advertisers to reach their users multiple times, using cookie data and device ID’s. 

We are able to help publishers earn incremental advertising revenue for users who consent to the use of their data and opt-in via a CMP. Audience data can even be monetised by publishers without needing to include advertising on their websites.


Audience extension & 1st party data

Programmatic advertising has developed beyond all expectations, overtaking traditional digital media buying. With over 60% of digital media now being traded programmatically, this new automated approach is a huge opportunity for premium content publishers if managed and sold correctly.

The standard publisher approach of plugging into Google's display network and the open exchange, undervalues premium audiences and short-changes quality publishers, as their impressions are monetised for far lower value than they are worth.

We offer publishers a programmatic direct sales strategy to prioritise advertiser demand yet ensure impression yields are representative of their audience and ad placements. 

The discontinuation of the 3rd party cookie means agencies and advertisers will be buying blind. This is set to disrupt the programmatic landscape and decrease impression yields for transactions through the open market, making a programmatic direct sales approach crucial for publishers with high value audiences.

Our Programmatic publisher partners benefit from a proactive and connected sales team. We have relationships with the largest digital agencies in London and regularly run high quality brand advertisers who are prepared to pay a premium for quality content and highly viewable, non-fraudulent advertising.


Boost your programmatic CPM's

Our in-house sales team have long standing, trusted relationships with buying agencies and premium advertisers across Europe. We work closely with our publishers to understand their audience and generate commercial interest from relevant brands.

Publishing partners can focus on content and development while having peace of mind that they are being represented professionally and pro-actively.


Outsourced media sales

Expert digital monetisation services

Expert digital monetisation services


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